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Fundamental Equity Workshop
Indian Equity ~ Divine Diwali
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Closed Now for Mumbai, Oct 19, 2019
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Fundamental Equity Workshops

Gaurav Parikh

  • Apr 2019 ~ A record fifth consecutive Year in a row featured by Outlook Business as one of India's ace Stock Pickers in their Special Annual Editions for Stock Select for the Year
  • Sept 2018 ~ 7th Consecutive successful Full House Fundamental Equity Workshop held in Mumbai
  • May 2015 ~ Rated by an Independent US Publication as One of The Top 10 Experts on Economics & Investing

Our Flagship Fundamental Equity Training Programmes

Training Sanctuaries for protection from the wildlife in this jungle of Indian Equities
Stock Selection - Value Vs Price

A One or Two Day Intensive Programme covering all Fundamental modules for equipping those seriously interested in Equity with Knowledge of Fundamentals to add Value to their Roles, blending theory with application and academics with action... and integrating Intellect with Instinct

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Interpretation of Annual Reports

This is a Half Day to One Day Workshop that involves reading of a company's annual report from the perspective of all users of such reports. These would include employees, shareholders, lenders, government etc. Interpretation of Financial Statements is the core focus.

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Finance for Non Finance Executives

Designed for those without background knowledge in finance, this course introduces the fundamental concepts & techniques of finance. It seeks to develop the financial literacy of a layperson and provide a solid foundation in the principles of finance as they apply in the real world.

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Valuation of Equity

This Course will benefit all those who are interested in initiating, enhancing or confirming their valuation knowledge in theory and in practice in the field of fundamental equity and company research. It covers traditional and contemporary, relative and absolute valuation techniques.

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Accomplished over 25 years of Training

In 2018, Gaurav A Parikh, our MD, completes 30 years in Fundamental Equity Training at BSE, NSE, Foreign Institutional Investors, Corporates, Mutual Funds, Banks, Broking houses, Non Resident Indians and High Net Worth Individuals right down to the Small and Retail Investors.
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Looooooooong Full House Saturday Equity Mumbai Workshop Sept 14 2019

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